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A brutal mugging leaves Grey Trace paralyzed in the hospital and his beloved wife dead. A billionaire inventor soon offers Trace a cure — an artificial intelligence implant called STEM that will enhance his body. Now able to walk, Grey finds that he also has superhuman strength and agility — skills he uses to seek revenge against the thugs who destroyed his life.

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DirigiblePulp 31 May 2018

This film is basically "Robocop" meets "Death Wish", with less satire than the former and more humor than the latter. And it's a B movie blast. An unrelenting pace, fantastic fight choreography that doesn't skimp on the gleeful blood and gore, and never not fun or interesting to look at. Yeah some of the one-liner dialogue as delivered by Logan Marshall-Green feels a bit forced and the plot isn't exactly clever or unique, but damn it, it all works and it makes it's own beautiful alchemy out of a bunch of borrowed parts. This is cheap genre filmmaking done damn right.


Kashan P 31 May 2018

Upgrade further exemplifies the effectivness of reinventing the horror genre. Filmmakers will hopefully stay on this path.


Greg C 16 Jun 2018

Great action thriller with a surprising number of laughs amid the violence.


Katie Walsh 29 May 2018

Upgrade is a brutish, efficient and well-executed slice of cyberpunk action horror with a silly streak.


Matthew M 03 Jun 2018

Saw it and the movie was awesome go out support smaller and more original films like this rather than a shallow cash grab like Solo


John H 04 Jun 2018

First film in a long time that I didn't figure out what was going to happen. The surprise ending even surprised me. Can't believe that fit all that into a 95min movie! Well done!


Aaron S 13 Jun 2018

Fantastic movie, honestly I didn't expect much more than an action/fighting type movie...this was so much more...I could have done without the F word and made this PG-13 but wow...great movie!!


Dave M 01 Jun 2018

Upgrade was a captivating and intriguing movie. The story of 'Upgrade' is paced quite slowly initially, and yet it manages to keep the viewer intrigued. Once the film picks up pace, there was not a single point where it lost me, I was always either at the edge of my seat or being captivated by the beautiful camera work. One minor flaw of the film was the lack of character development, Rey - was beautifully developed and gave the viewer a sense of understanding and knowing Rey "personally". As far as the other characters, there was a lack of character development, such as - the viewers don't quite understand or get to know the other characters like Rey was inttoduced, in that the antagonist nor the detective had near no backstory or reasons for who they are. Other than that said flaw, Upgrade is a movie I would 100% recommend to see! From the camera work to the twists and turns, this film was amazing!


Byron G 01 Jun 2018

Great movie. I wasn't expecting it to that good. Hollywood needs to create movies like this more often. Brings back the days of movies like Three Days of the Condor, but with more action.


James C 14 Jun 2018

Good movie . Touched on some interesting themes and the action sequences were A1. The ending was a little rushed and you got the feeling the writers ran out of ideas . But overall a solid 90 mins entertainment.

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