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A woman is involuntarily committed to a mental institution where she is confronted by her greatest fear.

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Andrea Chase 21 Mar 2018

Transcends its genre, using horror as a skin-crawling vehicle of social criticism that roundly damns sexism, racism, capitalism, and, for good measure, the mis-pronunciation of high-end coffee drinks.


Cameron F 23 Mar 2018

What a great movie. The actor who plays the stalker comes across as a sick pup. Vert dark and very scary. Well wroth the price of the tickets.


Jerry H 06 Apr 2018

Reviewers staying away from the edgy topics Steven Soderberg hits on in this amazing movie. They choose to talk more about the IPhone he used to film a movie about a woman being stalked, about the mental health industrial complex scam she is falls into for as long as her insurance pays off. About how these clinics for profit seem to arrange for any given stay to be extended as long as they know they'll keep getting paid. NY'er reviewers can't get over that IPhone with various distorting lenses. They did give it 79% which means better reviews were given elsewhere. I'd rate it an easy 90% and will see it again bc this movie is why I still go to movies Matt Damon cameo and all.


Brandon P 05 Apr 2018

Love Claire Foy and she didn't disappoint. This was a good movie and it really makes you think about whether or not she's truly crazy or telling the truth.


Steve Newton 22 Mar 2018

Apart from one dubious scene in a padded cell, Unsane is hugely entertaining and crazy good, one of the best psycho-thrillers I've seen in years.


Brandon S 30 Mar 2018

Not quite Hitchcock, but a compelling film on several levels. Just the mental health and stalker abuses make this an indictment of today's social and supportive structure. Unsane was much better than I expected.


David B 22 Mar 2018

5/5. Unsane is the best film I've seen so far this year. It's pure nightmare-fuel and makes you question your own sanity, along with the protagonists. With great performances and fantastic camerawork and editing, Unsane is a must-see.


Nathaniel Rogers 12 Apr 2018

Once it becomes a more standard thriller, its sickening jolts have a queasily programmatic aftertaste.


Paul S 24 Mar 2018

Superb performance from Claire Foy, but the supporting performance from Joshua Leonard (as David Strine). A thoroughly absorbing film.


Robert Levin 23 Mar 2018

You could summarize "Unsane" as Steven Soderbergh screwing around, and you wouldn't be wrong.

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