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Marlo, a mother of three including a newborn, is gifted a night nanny by her brother. Hesitant to the extravagance at first, Marlo comes to form a bond with the thoughtful, surprising, and sometimes challenging nanny named Tully.

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Jonathan R 25 Jul 2018

Theron shines in this powerful and deeply affecting depiction of the challenges of parenthood.


Ella Taylor 02 May 2018

What saves the movie from unbearable smugness is the lovely duet of Theron and Davis playing their deepening partnership without either posturing or a disclaiming wink at the audience.


Christy Lemire 02 May 2018

[Tully] features Cody's hyper-verbal brand of snark, cynicism and subtle poignancy, but it's tinged with the wistful perspective that comes from hard-earned maturity and experience.


Josè M 07 Aug 2018

This will take you to places you don't expect. Highly recommended


Clint Worthington 01 May 2018

Theron's a perfect avatar for Cody's irrepressible empathy for her subjects, wounded and loving in equal measure, and she's hardly been more watchable.


Howard M 19 May 2018

A great story with great performances, worth a watch, possibly 2 or 3.


Marco Antonio L 21 Jul 2018

7/23/2018 Though I won't experience it first hand, being a mom is toughest occupation ever. the task of balancing the household chores can sometimes take its toll. The mild unexpected twist at the touching ending made a few sniffles.


Annlee Ellingson 03 May 2018

Theron delivers a raw, real portrait of motherhood -- naked not just physically but emotionally.


Matt D 10 May 2018

Parenthood is hard. This shines a perfect light on that. If you know anything about postpartum depression, this is a must see. If you don't have kids yet, well.... maybe hold off on this one :-)


Martha K. Baker 03 May 2018

It is difficult to describe, for who wants to see a film about postpartum depression? Of course, Tully is much more, so much more than that.

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