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Traffik (2018) Watch Free

A couple off for a romantic weekend in the mountains are accosted by a biker gang. Alone in the mountains, Brea and John must defend themselves against the gang, who will stop at nothing to protect their secrets.


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Gary Goldstein 19 Apr 2018

An effective weekend-from-hell thriller with a vital message, a terrific lead performance by Paula Patton and some unexpectedly dimensional storytelling from writer-director Deon Taylor ("Meet the Blacks").


Rob C 18 Apr 2018

Take some of the stupidest sex traffickers in the world and add in cliche victims and you get an ultimately unsatisfying home invasion movie.


Chuck Bowen 19 Apr 2018

Deon Taylor seems uncomfortable with the escalating relentlessness of a siege film, eventually splitting Traffik off into a variety of other tangents and genres, diluting the potent subtext at the film's center.


Andrew K 19 Apr 2018

Based on actual events, Traffik revolves around a couple who suddenly finds themselves in the middle of a ruthless human sex trafficking ring that will stop at nothing to prevent their operations from being exposed. Sure, it sounds like it could be a decent thriller/action film, but it falls short of doing so in just about every way possible. While the film states it's based on actual events, any real events that had a connection to the actual story would appear to be purely coincidental-and you can't help but feel bad that Hollywood is trying to make a buck off of a very real and heinous illegal activity.


Meh N 10 May 2018

Super exciting! I recommend it to everyone!


Odie Henderson 19 Apr 2018

There isn't an honest moment in all 96 minutes of Traffik.


Oktay Ege Kozak 02 May 2018

It's too bad how basic and misguided Traffik is, considering that Dante Spinotti's cinematography is genuinely haunting and claustrophobic at times.


Tish R 23 Apr 2018

This is one her better movies if that is saying much. Basically she is a terrible writer(kinda like her real life acting), who disregards her friend's lives to get the story of her life. Shed some light on trafficking of women but not much.


Roger Moore 19 Apr 2018

Melodramatic, cliched, but at least they got their glossy, their barely-clad Paula Patton shots in.


T C 19 Apr 2018

This is the worst movie I have seen in the last decade! The topic of trafficking is so serious which makes it even worst! The acting is absolutely painstaking to watch!! The plot is ridiculous! Nothing makes sense! People in the theater were laughing during serious scenes as if this was a comedy! Paula Pattton's acting was just horrible! It was like a classic 80's teenagers lost in the woods and Chucky is coming to get them!!

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