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Thor is imprisoned on the other side of the universe and finds himself in a race against time to get back to Asgard to stop Ragnarok, the prophecy of destruction to his homeworld and the end of Asgardian civilization, at the hands of an all-powerful new threat, the ruthless Hela.


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moviestalker 03 Nov 2017

Probably the best Thor movie so far: It's packed with action and has lots of hilarious & funny moments (although I felt that they went a bit overboard on the comedy stuff)


Voodoo123 04 Nov 2017

+Inspired art style +Fantastic cast +Memorable soundtrack +Immigrant song! +Chris Hemsworth natural action-comedian as Thor +Great feeling of adventure -Blanchett, Elba and Hopkins feel underused Honestly wasn't sure what to expect from the+Inspired art style +Fantastic cast +Memorable soundtrack +Immigrant song! +Chris Hemsworth natural action-comedian as Thor +Great feeling of adventure -Blanchett, Elba and Hopkins feel underused Honestly wasn't sure what to expect from the trailer and so pleasantly suprised by what appears to be marvels first (second if you count deadpool) comedic / action hybrid. Waitiki's fingerprints are here adding comedic tones that breathe heart and warmth to the thor series thanks to the strength of hemsworth's comedic timing.


EviltoastSA 13 Nov 2017

Hands down the most enjoyable marvel movie yet. Imagine guardians of the galaxy on steroids basically. Epic level action with top notch cg set in really good looking imaginative settings, really funny dialogue delivered by diverse and interesting characters and fast paced story with never really a dull moment. One could argue the story is rather simple and lacks any nuance or complexity but the film truly delivers on pure entertainment value. Anyone arguing that this feels like a cheap comedy is certainly a very boring soul that somehow has forgotten that superhero stories have never been or tried to be shakespearean dramas.


angelsanzcorrea 03 Nov 2017

For me, without a doubt, the best of the Marvel's C.U. movies. Fun, funny (very!), engaging and a pleasure to the eyes and ears.


PrettyGood 12 Nov 2017

The mix of distinctive characters makes Thor: Ragnarok hella great. The comedic and directorial touch of Waititi makes it the best of the three Thor movies. Great performances by Hemsworth and especially by Goldblum and Thompson. Overall, one of the best comedies in the Marvel universe.


Eric Kohn 18 Oct 2017

Thor: Ragnarok doesn’t break fresh ground by Marvel standards, but it livens up the proceedings just enough to grease up the wheels of this franchise behemoth as it careens along.


Lucaz-Cabral 13 Nov 2017

Melhor filme do thor. Achei uma dos melhores da marvel tambem. Ele tem suas cenas de humor, as vezes o tempo inteiro, o que pode cansar um pouco. Mas nao tira o brilho do filme. Ao meu ver, esse foi o verdadeiro thor que os fãs queriam ver há muito tempo.


Muskrat147 14 Nov 2017

Managing to turn what was previously the least liked character of the MCU into one of the most human and well-rounded, Ragnorok takes the best qualities we’ve come to expect from a Marvel movie and expands on them, allowing for a fun, exciting adventure through the cosmos. This was a very surprising film, as when I had heard of a third Thor, my reaction was short of “Oh, Great”. But within the first ten minutes, a much more light-hearted and tongue-in-cheek tone was established, and it felt like a nice change of pace. Taika Waititi’s direction is incredibly strong, and his understanding of the need to expand on the central character is huge in making the story work. All of the performances are fantastic, the visuals are stunning, and the adventure feels fresh and exhilarating. Ragnorok is definitely a must-see.


Alonso Duralde 18 Oct 2017

It’s not hard to imagine a young audience completely losing their minds over the thrills and action of Thor: Ragnarok, and then loving it all over again when they realize how funny it is.


Mick LaSalle 02 Nov 2017

This time it’s not too big. Thor: Ragnarok has a lot of human appeal and a spirit of silliness that it never loses and yet always carefully manages, so that the silliness remains an ongoing source of delight without ever undercutting the impact of the action.

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