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The Matrix (1999) Watch Free

Set in the 22nd century, The Matrix tells the story of a computer hacker who joins a group of underground insurgents fighting the vast and powerful computers who now rule the earth.


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Chris L 25 Jun 2013

Possibly the most original and inventive sci-fi film since the original Star Wars. This certainly raised the special effects bar as much as that film did 20+ years ago.


Loki S 03 Aug 2014

i was 12 years old when i first watched this. i watched this again, still a classic amusement park for me.


Mitchell R 27 Jun 2013

I movie that started a whole lot more like it.


Mark C 18 Oct 2013

One of the best sci-fi concept trilogies ever made.


Dave V 22 May 2013

Excellent!!!! Ground-breaking and never without exhilaration! "Free your mind!"


Benji G 16 Aug 2013

Incredible. Nothing else needs to be said. This movie, has not only no negatives, but it also has limitless positives. Incredible acting and script, intriguing premise, awesome action sequences, incredible camera-angles, great blue-filter, and an awesome villain. This movie will capture your attention and make you question reality as it is. Definitely one of my favorite movies.


Catherine C 14 Oct 2013

ohh i saw this 1 at like the willowbrook in houston. the moves are fuckin awesome!


Viktor P 01 Aug 2013

wow... i cant believe some of the oppinions here.. have you "highly respected critics" been living on a different planet?! this movie changed filmmaking forever and noone can deny that.. you pretentious pricks.. no wonder all movies have such imaginary ratings with "critics" like you giving oppinions... cheeeeeeesh


Julie C 19 Mar 2017

One of the best movies ever made and one of the most memorable ones too gives you amazing action and though-provoking content at the same time


ChaosX2Limited . 09 Jan 2015

a movie that was thought provoking, awesome and just down right badass. to this day stands out as one of my favourite films and one of ny favourite bad guys in hugo weavings agent smith, lets hope they dont make a shity 2 sequals that have little to no relevance to the plot

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