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Set in the 22nd century, The Matrix tells the story of a computer hacker who joins a group of underground insurgents fighting the vast and powerful computers who now rule the earth.

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Will D 16 Aug 2013

Incredible. Nothing else needs to be said. This movie, has not only no negatives, but it also has limitless positives. Incredible acting and script, intriguing premise, awesome action sequences, incredible camera-angles, great blue-filter, and an awesome villain. This movie will capture your attention and make you question reality as it is. Definitely one of my favorite movies.


Nick A 30 May 2013

The beginning of one of the best trilogies EVER!!!


Goderick V 16 Jun 2013

This is my all time favorite. I gave it a full five star because the suspense, the story, the fight scenes, the characters, and the idea are all awesome. Nothing has gone to its level so far. Nothing!


Casey M 23 Jan 2015

A landmark achievement that will draw comparisons for years to come.


Matt B 23 May 2013

revolutionary not only in the way the action was done but in the world it created. Matrix is a movie that i never get tired of watching even after growing up on it.


Kieran L 14 Sep 2013

A ground-breaking science-fiction, that is thought-provoking as it is hardcore action. This is one for the ages, a must see.


Paul C 23 May 2013

Ground breaking movie of it's time. I watched it the new years of Y2K when eveything fell apart and stopped working.


vakhtang k 04 Mar 2016

Well for many this movie is only cool because it's visual effect there ahead of the time for the date of it's release, but what i love mostly in this movie is it's plot. Our life in 21 century has more or less become matrix, i know i am being captain obvious here but "The matrix is a system", so is our government and we are attached to it.


Jorge P 16 Jul 2018

Wonderful- the writers are genius and so ahead of their time!!!! Classic must watch.


Luis C 20 May 2013

Uma das ficções científicas mais importantes e inteligentes da história recente do cinema.

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