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When teenager Elle's first kiss leads to a forbidden romance with the hottest boy in high school, she risks her relationship with her best friend.

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Talia N 15 May 2018

Love it!!!! Awesome movie. The trailer had me sold..


Tricia H 23 Jun 2018

The Kissing Booth is a quintessential summer rom com filled with odes to so many past rom coms that even Molly Ringwald is featured as the ultimate ode as she portrays Mrs. Flynn. These odes are not rip offs; they are a beautiful trip down memory lane - especially for those of us who grew up watching "The Breakfast Club" and so many others. As well, The Kissing Booth casts a ray of hope for awkward teenage girls everywhere. The magic is in the fresh approach to a classic idea... and after you fall in love with this instant cult classic, look up just how much of the cast is from South Africa - very cool!


Mohamed M 11 May 2018

The kissing booth is a great movie. Just watched it and fell in love with it. It is funny and sweet and romantic and really captures high school well. Everyone should watch it.


kyle j 30 May 2018

really good movie i watched it like 10 times in 3 days


Tai L 25 Jun 2018

this film was great and i do not regret watching it. i ship noah and elle. #nelle #pleasssequel #noelle


Maddie G 14 Jul 2018

This will be a teen movie that everyone will remember for a long time. It is realistic and it brought Joey King to light as a young woman not as a little girl.


Anna C 13 May 2018

Literally watched it ten times in the three days it's been out love it so much and would be ecstatic if they made a sequel!!!!


Janet a 13 May 2018

Good movie totally recommend it I've seen it about 10x now the cutest thing is that they're together in real life ??


hennynut08 13 May 2018

good movie hot wemen xxoo -hemry i love he bir tts mmmmmmmmmmm i luv juicy very much pls meet me bby kiss kiss luv u


Molly B 13 May 2018

this is a great movie!! It kinda reminds me of the Summer I Turned Pretty series byjenny han. but a very very good moive.

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