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The Gateway (2018) Watch Free

A particle physicist grieving over the loss of her husband in a car crash uses a revolutionary machine to bring him back, with dire consequences for her family.


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peter c 15 Feb 2018

I really enjoyed the movie and recommend you see it. :)


pitt l 15 Feb 2018

I hope you can watch, and after you do that, please review this amazing movie,and be pleases to leave a 10 as i did. This way ,all of us can make a difference , the difference that puts something special at the top, not all of those crappy movies that gives you nothing but a truly time-wasting !


Richard Y 18 Feb 2018

Interesting premise of playing with multi parallel universes and the twist in the end is rather clever I thought. Quite well performed though cheaply done.


Nilufer R 25 Feb 2018

I like the movie. Made me wonder what would happen next all the time, caught my attention. I really hope they make a follow-up.


Pixel P 15 Feb 2018

Well, let's see. For me everything with 2 capsules but without a fly in it, just loses a star. It's not my fault, is Jeff Goldblum! Beside that I can say that there are parallel universes where the story could have been better, BUT a lot more were could have been way worse. Saved.


Matthew Pejkovic 04 May 2018

A sci-fi thriller that pulls off presenting big ideas on a small budget, with plenty of pointed drama adding stakes to a dimension hopping narrative.


Kesh M 24 Feb 2018

What a waste of time. So many plot holes and unorginal story. Poor writing and poor acting. I check RT for reliable reviews and 95%(at the time of writing) is a joke!


Moby S 16 Feb 2018

Awesome movie! Starts off with a slow build and then the tension gradually builds thru the whole movie. Nice camerawork too, but I thoight the acting was the best. the lead actress McKenzie is very good. Highly recommend this film to all!


Anton Bitel 27 Apr 2018

Merging the multiverse confusion of James Ward Byrkit's Coherence (2013) with the resurrection-gone-wrong sensibilities of Mary Lambert's Pet Sematary (1989)...


Jake Wilson 02 May 2018

If The Gateway can be recommended to anyone, it's to buffs with a cultivated taste for Z-grade, bare-bones filmmaking.

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