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The Age of Stupid is the new movie from Director Franny Armstrong (McLibel) and producer John Battsek (One Day In September). Pete Postlethwaite stars as a man living alone in the devastated future world of 2055, looking at old footage from 2008 and asking: why didn’t we stop climate change when we had the chance?

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Olivier A 28 Aug 2010

The truth is depressing. Creative approach to a docu-fiction that makes the "we are doomed" effect effective. Various insert that could be seen as irrelevant or out of context unless it's the director's way of saying "we're all in the same sinking boat".


Sally J 15 Jul 2012

An eye opener indeed. The film might be alittle extreme to pin-point consumerism at every angle. Although we can't stop flying altogether, but we all need to take the baby steps to contribute. The climate is so screwed that I am still waiting for Summer in mid of July.


Martin H 27 Mar 2009

Call me irresponsible but I have never given much thought to things like global warming, energy crisis etc. This film was a perfect introduction to these matters. Although it can be frustratingly bleak, it's key message is that there is still hope. Everyone should watch this. It makes you want to know more about the issues it discusses and become more proactive.

Çelik Ö 30 Nov 2009

I am not suspicious on whether climate change is an issue or not yet I strongly believe that now climate issue creates a big market; it provides the feeling of doing right for an avarage customer, so we buy and consume the items we think is good for the climate, paradoxically. I liked this movie 'cause it leaves the final saying to the viewer. I guess we have to discuss more the concept of consumerism.


Katrina K 22 Sep 2009

This film gives a very vivid reality and what is to come ,if we don`t change , Everyone needs open their eyes and see this picture . and hope for the future .


Gary S 22 Jun 2009

Brilliant from a film point of view as well as the message it was putting across. Liked the way at the start they emphasised it was based on what could happen. So that it was not pure scaremongering. Worse thing about the film was that it was probably too good in that you did feel a bit helpless about what you could do.


Anesia R 25 Mar 2010

A refreshing presentation of climate change and its repercussions - more layman-friendly compared to An Inconvenient Truth or The 11th Hour. However, it's not quite focused and is highly biased. As a member of the audience at the WWF screening which I attended put it, this British documentary lays the blame for a lot of problems on Shell without uttering a single word on BP's (probably similar) deeds!


Kjetil H 28 Nov 2009

Stilig dokumentar om konsum og annet idioti!!!Passer som elefant i ett glassmagasin nå før jul!!!


Kalin U 25 Sep 2009

Well, "The Inconvenient Truth" is much more appealing and resonating that this one. Still, it gives a glimpse into what might actually happen. I love the absurd parallels drawn in one man's life -- a national disaster hero, pro-environmental, yet an oil company worker. Ridiculous. If you can, watch it. Gorgeous nature views and real-life feeling of what is to come with climatic changes in the future.


Richard S 07 Jan 2010

This wasn't bad, an interesting way to get across a message, it was certainly eye catching, if a little preachy in places. This is the kind of film that work great in a geography class in a secondary school. It was good at showing up some very stupid people such as the woman who was so concerned about the environment and renewable energy resources and then went on to celebrate because she managed to block the construction of a wind farm, what an idiot.

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