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Taking Chance (2009) Watch Free

Lt. Col. Michael Strobl, a volunteer military escort accompanies the body of Lance Cpl. Chance Phelps to his hometown in Wyoming.

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Paula Ella K 15 Mar 2009

a must watch because it a very compelling story.


Mina N 14 Oct 2009

Extremely well done. Fascinating journey of a fallen marine. Powerful storytelling. Kevin Bacon nails yet another military role (and HBO proves itself once again to be the best at getting the military right on screen).


Christian M 01 Aug 2009

Kevin Bacon is a star as a Marine escort for a fallen Marine on his journey home.


tgm1024 - 05 Jun 2012

Not a "normal" movie. Just so very warming to see. I have absolutely no military experience, nor does my family, and yet I find myself begging people to see it more than any other film. You see the slow salute, the meaning of respect, and the impact of that respect emotionally on the passers-by. It's truly truly remarkable and completely took me by surprise given that I have no military experience to judge this by.


Ellen G 28 Nov 2009

Maybe the most increadible movie that I've ever seen. It is moving. It is thought provoking. It tests your emotions like nothing I've ever seen. A war movie that everyone should see. A war movie that the left and the right will equally cheer.


Juan M 29 May 2011

A must see. Touching and heart-warming. It touches the viewer on a deep emotional level without having to use any special effects. A masterpiece.


Brad B 24 Sep 2009

Possibly the most moving film I've ever seen! I watched this with tears in my eyes from start to finish! The acting was superb, Kevin Bacon gave the best performance I've ever seen from him. the storyline certainly opened my eyes as to what goes on when these heroes (not too strong a word... wisely used!) are brought home from, in my opinion, a pointless war! The haunting score was wonderful and it complemented the brilliant screenplay. A wonderful, powerful film!


Breanne B 06 Jun 2009

Very Good Film, I Also Like that its a Based On A True Event I recommend It


Robert S 18 Jan 2013

Based on the true story of a Marine from Wyoming, Kevin Bacon plays his part masterfully. It showed how many of us go about our daily lives, taking for granted what someone else may be sacrificing.


Billy A 28 Jun 2009

Get the BIG box of tissues for this one! I still get teary just talking about it. Amazing story...

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