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When an international border dispute arises between the U.S. and Canada, the Super Troopers- Mac, Thorny, Foster, Rabbit and Farva, are called in to set up a new Highway Patrol station in the disputed area.

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Jonathon K 01 May 2018

Characters are all great. It is nice to see a movie that is not a re-tread of a comic book.


Jordan E 11 Jul 2018

I thought it was really funny maybe even better than the first one


Dave M 20 Apr 2018

Just as funny as the first, if not... funnier!


Istvan C 20 Jun 2018

Loved it was as good if not better then the first one and as its been said these so called critics don't git it its suppose to the way they are saying it is that's what makes it so funny and awesome read between to lines open up your narrow minds and see the humor that is right in front of you then sit back relax and enjoy the ride.


Toby H 09 Jul 2018

Pretty great movie worth watching. Definitely laughed through out the hole thing.


Matt M 26 Apr 2018

Best Comidy of the year ! If you love 3 stooges this is your movie ! Lots of hot nude woman that's always a + I'll be doing more music for it . Danny DeVito skit funny . Don't go if your a slow person you will miss the jokes as they fly by . Stay till the end for bloopers & Who lost the bet..


Derek E 20 Apr 2018

The long wait for the sequel was WORTH IT! What a hoot! As I was leaving the theater I overheard others laughing, saying, "This was even funnier than the first." I gave that comment some thought and, honestly, I can't say it's better or funnier than the first, but there were definitely moments when I can agree it may have been more humorous. This movie was quite simply hilarious. Very well done, awesome cameos by many major actors along with the original stars. Super Troopers 2 had me crying I was laughing so hard. From one hilarious scene to the next, the flow of the movie was very similar to the first one. As a true devoted Super Troopers fan, this movie does not disappoint! 5 Stars! I will be seeing this again. Highly recommended for devoted Super Trooper fans!


Paul F 20 Apr 2018

This is how you do a sequel. Any critic (or person) that isn't laughing with this movie is a jaded crab and you should have pity on their soul. Just go watch. It's so fantastically funny.


Nikki O 20 Apr 2018

LOVED IT! Real comedy! Wish more movies were like this!


Rob W 20 Apr 2018

I rate this about as funny as Beerfest. This isn't as classic as the original Super Troopers, but nothing really could be. I liked this movie, and will watch it again (unlike a couple other Broken Lizard films that were not good).

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