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Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017) Watch Free

Rey develops her newly discovered abilities with the guidance of Luke Skywalker, who is unsettled by the strength of her powers. Meanwhile, the Resistance prepares to do battle with the First Order.

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Sidney C 13 Jun 2018

The Last Jedi will be the most fiercely debated and polarising Star Wars ever. Some of the humour and sequences are a bit off, but make no mistake, this is the most powerful Star Wars film ever made. The Last Jedi has some of the most epic moments and lore in the sagas history, coupled with amazing camera shots, an exciting plot, and the best character development it's ever seen in Ben and Rey. This is a very different Star Wars, and many fans will feel negatively towards it it; but there's no denying we begged Rian Johnson to take risks. The Last Jedi will stand alone as one of the most unique and memorable films in the saga and I only have praise for this.


Terrance M 13 Jun 2018

If episode 7 was a love letter to past movies then episode 8 throws the old rules out the exhaust port. This is a beautifully directed, written, and acted movie. Nothing will be as you expect; Luke wasn't kidding when he said "This isn't going to go the way you think." This movie is bound to be divisive, but it moves the series in exciting new directions. Go in as blind as you can and enjoy one of the best movies of 2017!


Amadeus R 26 Jun 2018

This movie took everything I excepted from it and made something else, that ended up being surprising, new and true to the saga at the same time, and truly amazing.


Candice M 14 Jun 2018

A phenomenally innovative and extremely ballsy entry to the series. The fact that many fans aren't appreciating it, is how you know it was a different, unexpected and high risk-taking film. Smarter, less "black and white" and more complex than any Star Wars film before it. Gives each and every character (new and old) a ton of dimension, deep motives and a reason to empathize with, even the wildlife and droids. Characters that were lame in The Force Awakens now have plenty of reason for us to care for them, and have worthy subplots that will be stuck in your mind long after viewing. Everyone is greatly tested. The film takes the series to new places, cracks open the flaws of Star Wars lore and questions them, further strengthening the story of the saga as a whole. The film has huge personality, not afraid to make fun of itself and to cast aside dopey fan theories in a way that feels almost meta. If you are a huge Wars fan but also desire something new from the series, this is your film. Long Live Supreme Leader Rian.


Tabatha R 14 Jun 2018

People are complaining about fake reviews by posting fake reviews. It's almost like all the reviews are fake. Hmmm


Perla M 29 Jun 2018

First time in years that I've felt like I was watching a genuine new Star Wars film.


Bill B 13 Jun 2018

The Force Awakens --- Fans Criticized because there wans't inovation The Last Jedi ---- Fans Criticized because there was inovation Disney should stop doing Star Wars movies, and not because the new movies are bad, because the fans doesn't deserve to have new movies.


Melissa J 13 Jun 2018

This is overall a fantastic film!!! Great characters and world-building, however, it struggles with pacing and struggling to find anything for some side characters to do


Jill S 14 Jun 2018

This is a great movie and is incredibly better that TFA and Rogue o\One. if you like star wars you should definitely go see this movie now it is worth it. also most of the people are giving this movie bad reviews are racist and sexist men who do not want women or minorities to not play a lead role in star wars or any film. I would like to remind them that women and minorities have played major roles in star wars since the first film in 1977 and if you cant handle that this franchise isn't for you.


Netu P 21 Jun 2018

literally the best star wars film to date. definitely has problems, but has been the darkest, most character driven narrative in the star wars universe.

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