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The true story of how businessman Oskar Schindler saved over a thousand Jewish lives from the Nazis while they worked as slaves in his factory during World War II.

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Edgar C 31 Dec 2012

As unbelievable as it may sound from me, I must applaud Spielberg's mainstream boldness for bringing to the big screen his last masterpiece: a strong and accurate portrayal of the horrors of the Holocaust. This is Spielberg's attempt to outdo himself, and he is successful at it. Liam Neeson at his best role and a powerful black-and-white cinematography make the tiny probability of the popular opinion, the Academy and my perception to coincide so perfectly, possible. 97/100


Leena L 14 Jan 2015

All humanity must see this film at least once.


Joetaeb D 01 Jan 2016

Brutal in it's honesty of the horrors of the holocaust and filled with heart and poignancy. Schindler's list is Steven Spielberg's epic masterpiece that must be seen at least once in your life to get the truth of such a horror in humanity's history.


Subhajit B 04 Feb 2016

Thank you Mr. Spielberg for not shying away from hitting us so hard with what you offered here. This is and will always be my favorite movie and also the movie that changed the way I see films. It was an awakening for me. It built me up at a time I was torn to bits and pieces. Thank you again Mr. Spielberg.


Gail B 09 Sep 2013

Great Holocaust movie. Depressing but well done.

Þórður B 23 Feb 2013

A very hard movie to watch, but it's one that must be seen. One of Spielberg's greatest films along with Jaws.


Aashish M 18 Jun 2013

Schindler's List is one hell of a film, and no doubt Spielberg's masterpiece. This is one of Spielberg's few films that is a study of the human condition and what would compel someone to do this to people and how these people survive a truly horrible situation like the Holocaust. Spielberg sets a horrifying and hopeless tone to this film, which fits the jews emotions perfectly, but where this film is made is in the screenplay that makes it a thought-provoking and an allegorical study of the whole Holocaust. The screenplay also sets the stage for the good acting performances by Neeson and Kingsley, but it really creates a monster in Amon Goeth that represents the Nazi's motives for doing all of this, and Ralph Fiennes depicts him with the utmost complexity and egotism. Fiennes should have, 100%, won Best Actor in 93 over Hanks in Philadelphia. But anyways, the first time I viewed Schindler's list, I did not appreciate all that it had to say artistically, but after the second viewing I will recognize this as the masterpiece that it is.


sara z 14 Jan 2013

This is the best but at the same time the most shocking and saddest film about WWII. Ralph Fiennes and Liam Neeson should have won the Oscar for their respective roles. This film is a true masterpiece but don't watch it if you can't handle strong material because some of violent scenes are very explicit.


Levonne P 01 Jan 2013

There's not enough that I can say about this movie. It's horrors griped my very soul. Without a doubt, Speilberg's greatest!


Davis M 10 Jan 2013

Depressing sure, but a poignant film well worth the time.

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