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Phobia 2 is composed of five short movie segments directed by five of the best directors of Thai horror films. A teenager who committed a crime goes to a sacred place for meditation and hiding that brings him fright and guilt about what he did (segment Novice). A young man gets haunted in an hospital by an old man in coma who's not too far from him (segment Ward). Two men along with two hitchhikers in a truck got into a big trouble after opening the back (segment Backpackers). A secondhand car dealer realizes what the previous car owners/passengers had terribly been into (segment Salvage). An ill hardworking actress whose role is a ghost is reported dead after she was brought to the hospital (segment In the End).

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Eric B 13 Jan 2010

Quality fx and more than a few decent scares make this one a winner. Good stuff.


Mark D 26 Sep 2010

Scary movie and theres a lot of twist in this story


Carabo P 27 May 2010

De los 5 cortos (muy bien realizados), sin duda es el tercero el que se lleva la palma; acojonante :-O


Nick P 16 Aug 2010

Nothing compared to the original 4bia. The first short film was long and boring with a similar ending twist to the second short film which was just plain horrid (very bad). The third short film was descent but had way to many issues that didn't make sense, and many many holes. The fourth short was a VERY good attempt, but just wasn't executed by someone who masters the horror genre in anyway. The fifth and final short was hilarious and well done as was their other short film in the original 4bia. Although, some of the jokes were repeats, and the idea wasn't as solid...but the ending "twist" alone was so hilarious that the tears in my eye forced me to give the whole ensemble 3 stars


Lee A 15 Dec 2010

This horror omnibus sequel somehow doesn't live up to the expectation set by the first one. Skippable!


Dian Maya L 29 Sep 2010

Better than the first Phobia, the only story that disapointed me was "WARD", the other are great, specially the last one. AWESOME collection of thai horror shorts, go see it.


Gloria L 09 Jan 2010

super funny for the last story, add credit, haha


Elena S 04 Oct 2012

need more than 'one' guts to see this movie..


umair L 15 Mar 2010

scary Thai movie with 5 new blood chilling stories


Devilish G 10 Jan 2010

The first 4 stories are crap... I like the last one but it's funny, not scary!!

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