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One day, Jason finds an unusual board game called Mamba. When his surfer friends start to play, the games unleashes its deadly curse, killing the losers in a gruesome fashion. Supposedly it will grant the winner a wish. As his companions die off, Jason decides that the only way he can reverse the tragedy is by continuing to play. With his girlfriend, Erica, Jason rolls the dice and hopes to make his wish before one of them suffers a horrible fate.

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Ian M 25 Nov 2011

I quite enjoyed it actually... It was kind of Jumanji on crack. Hahaha! I'm a huge fan of Ms Dushku anyway, and it didn't really disappoint. There were a few dodgy effects, although very detailed they were just obvious, but others were amazing. Predictable ending sadly, but nonetheless worth a watch.


Katherine H 25 Jun 2010

When you cast Eliza Dushku for a horror film, you should know that there's only one role for her. She should survive till the end and kick the shit out of the bad guys or monsters or whatever. I think that's most of the audience wants, because you could at least see what you came for, even if the movie itself sucked. It's less improved version of Final Destination.


Jason J 13 May 2011

I think that this movie will be always compare to Jumanji and Final Destination series. It's not original, indeed. Disturbing with laughable special effects and ridiculous ending.


Marc L 17 Sep 2010

C'était à prévoir : forte de sa réputation de "Terre du Cinéma Fantastique", l'Espagne est passée à l'ère industrielle et inonde le marché de productions plus ou moins médiocres estampillées "Espanã" tant que l'illusion fonctionne encore. Celui-ci pioche un peu dans "The Ring", un peu dans "Destination finale", avec un rendu téléfilm très marqué et une Eliza Dushku qui cachetonne dans l'espoir d'un hypothétique retour au premier plan. Aucune idée neuve, aucune surprise, aucun thrill-factor digne de ce nom...au suivant !


Unknown H 04 Oct 2011

Honestly this was one of the worst films I have ever seen. Predicatable, boring and frankly terrible the script was only made worse by the storyline. The acting was over the top and wooden at the same time, and at not one point in the entire movie did I genuinely want any of the cast to survive. This movie had the power to be really good, an X-Rated Jumanji if you will, but all it delivered was a grey shell of a film that will only be remembered because of its sheer lackluster morale rather than anything of merit. Terrible.


Steve "Uncle Creepy" Barton 06 Oct 2009

As a game Open Graves is passable enough for one roll of the dice but definitely not a game with any replay value.


Al M 05 Aug 2013

If you are awed by the acting of Eilza Dushku or you are terrified of what amount to cartoon snakes and crabs, then you might really like Open Graves. But I doubt it. Poorly made with Sci-fi channel level CG, Open Graves is just plain stupid. Still it will waste an evening for you with its tale of a killer voodoo board game...if that's what you want....


David L 16 Jun 2010

A group of young surfers come into possession of an ancient board game made from the flesh, bones and soul of a witch excecuted many years ago. At a party one night they decide to test the game - and discover that curses last forever and evil never dies. stars Eliza Dushku, Mike Vogel, Gary Piquer, Naike Rivelli, Alex O'Dougherty, Ethan Rains, Ander Pardo, Boris Martinez and Lindsay Caroline Robba. directed by Alvaro de Aminan.


Gina 5BY5 01 Jul 2008

i know that its not out yet but i know its going to be a great movie because Eliza dushku is in it


Ivy K 15 Oct 2010

I just can't say no to a movie with Eliza Dushku. Jumanji meets Hellraiser to make this an overall good film which I enjoyed. Nothing too spectacular however, none of the character's really stand out and the film's direction is average at best.

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