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Love Happens (2009) Watch Free

Dr. Burke Ryan is a successful self-help author and motivational speaker with a secret. While he helps thousands of people cope with tragedy and personal loss, he secretly is unable to overcome the death of his late wife. It's not until Burke meets a fiercely independent florist named Eloise that he is forced to face his past and overcome his demons.

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Emer L 31 Jul 2011

At first I thought, oh no! another Jennifer Aniston movie! As a queen of chick flicks, this romantic "comedy/drama" teaches us about coping with death/loss of a loved one. With the beautiful backdrop of Seattle's best, this movies surround more around Aaron Eckhart than Aniston herself, making her support the more to cheer for. Great supporting cast including Martin Sheen and Judy Greer. John Carroll Lynch as the reluctant attendee should get some acknowledgement for his role here! Surprisingly good movie!


Ahsan K 20 Oct 2010

If we don watch this movie without categorizing as comedy/romance or drama; I think this could be beyond your expectation :) plus I think we all should watch it :) confronting ourself is never bad idea :)


Nick K 27 Feb 2010

A very surprisingly good movie. A sad movie, but a very heartwarming one.


Ruth I 01 May 2010

Muy romántica y muy de mi género favorito... Aunque la historia es algo atípica y no sabes muy bien si va a terminar bien o mal... Te saca alguna que otra carcajada y entretiene, que es de lo que se trata. Me parece que han acertado de pleno con los actores.


Suzanne W 06 May 2010

I love this film, I like all the characters, the plot of the movie,the sountracks, Nice romantic-comedy-drama


BornLatin N 24 Feb 2010

Sometime you have to let go even if it hurts, like this movie


Naera K 27 Feb 2010

I saw it lately and it was great and full of emotions


Duncan L 04 Aug 2010

Super cute and sad movie! Aaron and Jennifer do a very good job.


Melissa C 20 Dec 2010

I liked this movie a lot.. it was very entertaining and has made me an Aaron Echhart fan.. depressing at times.. but over-all this film is a positive one..


Diana G 17 Feb 2010

Really good movie.Heartfelt.Definately worth a rent.

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