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A blind musician hears a murder committed in the apartment upstairs from hers that sends her down a dark path into London's gritty criminal underworld.

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Ken Jaworowski 23 May 2018

In Darkness moves along so smartly that near the end, when the filmmakers entreat you to follow them just a bit more, you’ll likely oblige. And why not. They’ve already gotten you to invest quite a lot in this clever little thriller.


Chris F 27 May 2018

Give this taut thriller a chance! Natalie Dormer's performance as the blind pianist Sophia is worth the ticket price alone!


Linda Marric 05 Jul 2018

A talented cast and a handsome sense of time and place can't save this thriller from being caught in a cliche-ridden and uninspiring undertow.


Julia P 07 Jun 2018

The story line is intriguing if you are able to follow along. Just because you don't understand how everything connects to 'Sofia' does not make the movie bad. You need to watch for the clues throughout the movie to make the puzzle easier to complete.


Brian Orndorf 23 May 2018

Games of murder, betrayal, revenge, and torment are played, but Byrne doesn't bring anything to a boil.


Mike McCahill 04 Jul 2018

Very trashy, very silly, not unenjoyable on some basic level.


Nilufer R 25 May 2018

great thriller. natalie dormer is amazing!


Matthew Bond 08 Jul 2018

In Darkness feels like the sort of sexy, psychological thriller that the likes of Sharon Stone or Faye Dunaway used to appear in.


Catalina Combs 29 May 2018

In Darkness increases the tension with dramatic and extreme angles, extreme close-ups, and a play on sound that dramatizes even the simplest of scenes.


Eddie Harrison 01 Jul 2018

Those who do brave Byrne's silly, distasteful film will be rewarded with a twist that renders everything that went before it as complete and utter gibberish.

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