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A blind musician hears a murder committed in the apartment upstairs from hers that sends her down a dark path into London's gritty criminal underworld.

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Glenn Kenny 24 May 2018

I did find myself wishing that all films this narratively misguided were so directorially sure-footed. Makes getting through them a lot less painful.


Nilufer R 25 May 2018

great thriller. natalie dormer is amazing!


Todd Jorgenson 24 May 2018

After it spends the opening minutes establishing a rich sense of atmospheric suspense, this flimsy psychological thriller loses sight of any such ambitions in a mess of incoherent plotting.


Brian Orndorf 23 May 2018

Games of murder, betrayal, revenge, and torment are played, but Byrne doesn't bring anything to a boil.


Catalina Combs 29 May 2018

In Darkness increases the tension with dramatic and extreme angles, extreme close-ups, and a play on sound that dramatizes even the simplest of scenes.


Frank Scheck 23 May 2018

Before the film succumbs to those overindulgences, it's a reasonably taut, effective thriller that benefits greatly from Dormer's strong performance as the beleaguered heroine.


Jeffrey M. Anderson 24 May 2018

This thriller starts well and has worthy elements -- especially a strong female character, co-created by Dormer herself -- but the plot eventually becomes needlessly stretched-out and convoluted.


April Wolfe 06 Jun 2018

The first third of the story then presents her like a typical Hitchcock ingenue before branching out into a promisingly ambitious mystery. Too bad that story ultimately loses focus and its protagonist’s point of view.


Ken Jaworowski 23 May 2018

In Darkness moves along so smartly that near the end, when the filmmakers entreat you to follow them just a bit more, you’ll likely oblige. And why not. They’ve already gotten you to invest quite a lot in this clever little thriller.


Keith Watson 19 May 2018

Anthony Bryne's high-flown style only serves to highlight the film's icky way of exploiting real-world tragedy for kicks.

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