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A couple are going through marital troubles made worse when a previously unknown grandson shows up.

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Ricco T 03 Jul 2018

really like it... funny and cute... raul rudd is the man!!


Allan Hunter 01 Jul 2018

Ideal Home is completely predictable and very sentimental, but comfortingly entertaining as it breezes past.


Wenlei Ma 19 Jun 2018

Despite its been-there-done-that story, what saves Ideal Home from mediocrity is the irrepressible charm of Paul Rudd and Steve Coogan.


ErinMcGowan 02 Jul 2018

In search of an easy movie using boxxy software for distraction from gray everyday life I came across the painting " Ideal Home". The description in the network is quite extensive, but some grayish, standard. The same was the film itself.


Joe O 28 Jun 2018

Paul Rudd and Steve Coogan were both very believable, complex characters, although we understand that there may be some criticism about embodying gay stereotypes. There were definitely some comic moments that were more successful than others, and the pacing may have been slightly off, but it was a story that made you care what happened. The child actor (Jack Gore) was particularly good.


Sara Stewart 28 Jun 2018

As a snarky, stylish Santa Fe couple, Paul Rudd and Steve Coogan deploy a wit drier than the sprawling landscape surrounding their desert mansion. If you enjoy your comedies devoid of easy sentimentality (as this reviewer does), this one’s for you.


Toby H 28 Jul 2018

Not hilarious, but some sweet and funny moments. A few choices are very cringe though.


Teo Bugbee 27 Jun 2018

Ideal Home is genuinely funny, and the poignant and pithy script is aided by the chemistry between its stars, who are equally adept with comedic punch lines as they are with dramatic gut punches.


Frank Scheck 26 Jun 2018

The fun stems mainly from the amusing interactions between the two main characters so deliciously played by Coogan and Rudd. Both actors are at peak form here, with Coogan clearly having a blast as the flamboyant Erasmus and Rudd employing his expert deadpan delivery and gift for comic timing as the slow-burning Paul.


Brian Orndorf 02 Jul 2018

It's also great to see Fleming make a movie with some confidence again, willing to bend reality with silly business and bring it back with a heartfelt message on universal parenting.

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