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A young boy searches a future world wasteland for a rumored cure for his dying mother.

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raporgi 25 May 2018

James Franco decides to make his own MadMax movie to play grab @$$ with a naked robot chick. There is no plot. RoboChick just suddenly turns on Franco becuz she figures out rape and murder are bad in just one instance. not enough bewbs, @$$ or ultraviolence in this to make it worth the slog. Just pass.


Keith V 28 Jul 2018

This movie is sooo bad.. Can you give it NEgative starS... Come on James Franco.. Seriously.. at least learn to ride dirt bike..


JLuis_001 26 May 2018

Another case in which James Franco gets money to do what we could call a film but it's actually just him having fun with his friends with something I truly believe didn't have an actual script. And it's even worse considering where he takes the inspiration from. This was a total waste of time.


Jared M 23 Jul 2018

If i was a 12 year old boy and the internet didnt exist. I would recommend this movie to my friends. Titty city!!!


Joel K 27 May 2018

It's a TROLLTRAP .. Your all busy tearing this Movie apart and TRASH Talking .. completely missING the entire [email protected] Loss of innocence the endless search for love power meaning lust conscience but among all the chaos finding a soul?... I could go on but its pointless your all missing something Amazing Special and Magnificent. 1st of its kind original. don't let the bad reviewers mislead you they've all written a paragraph for every 5 mins of film probably jl fan PPS more concerned with the studio budget than the art


Bizzylorenzo70 18 Jul 2018

Really an awful film. Despite its decent cast, the movie fails on just about every level. Don't expect to see a lot of Lucy Liu, as she has quite limited screen time.


T-P 11 Jul 2018

It's not a good movie, and you should have zero expectations going in, but if you have a sense of humor and 90 minutes to waste, you'll have a good laugh at James Franco, Snoop Dogg and Milla Jovovich.


ozymandias79 20 Jul 2018

If you think about about watching this film, don't. See any Mad Max film instead. The whole movie is dull and the cliches are done to death. The acting is mostly passable (loved Snoop) except for Suki Waterhouse.


jb1296 21 Jun 2018

The character limit on here is simply not enough in trying to express how bad this film is, this film fails on every level. If you want a film which is awful on every level, bad acting, bad writing and some of the worst directing I have seen in a film like this. This film also tries to copy from other post apocalyptic films, even down to the costume design. The pants James Franco wears in this film are the exact same as the ones Kevin Costner wore in Waterworld. So, if you want a film which is poorly made, this is perfect for you, but everyone else should stay away from this film.


Larry S 15 Jul 2018

Really, really bad movie. Don't waste your time or money.

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