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16-year old Rhiannon falls in love with a mysterious spirit named “A” that inhabits a different body every day. Feeling an unmatched connection, Rhiannon and “A” work each day to find each other, not knowing what the next day will bring.

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Jimi Famurewa 22 Apr 2018

Not many teen romances use high-concept fantasy to probe the nature of self. But despite its fascinating conceit - and strong opening scenes - Every Day is undone by blandness.


Gaspar Zimerman 26 Jul 2018

Every Day... manages to be an exception to the rule thanks to its ingenious premise, a twist to the old soul-swapping trick in the style of All of Me. [Full review in Spanish]


Amelia L 03 Mar 2018

It had an interesting premise but was ultimately just another teen movie.


Roger Moore 02 Mar 2018

An intriguing and thoughtful but strained and emotionally flat romantic fantasy -- almost a cult film in the making.


Shawn R 24 Jun 2018

The story is nice, but there are few subplots that didn't tie up nicely. The cast was great though especially Angourie.


Ryder H 23 Feb 2018

Such a cute love story between to unlikely pair of people. It has a great story and a good idea ..... it looked like there would be a second one but you never know! ??


Ken B 10 Mar 2018

A Thin plot fulled with gimmics to get us to feel. The antagonist belongs in a 2 dimensional commic book, not a full length film. How did this film become "best picture.


Robert M 07 Mar 2018

Lovely acting, solid story with a bold ending make for a wonderful teen flick about first loves and knowing your own worth.


Jim Judy 23 Feb 2018

Ends up as something I could only watch just one day and never again. (Full Content Review for Parents - Profanity, Sexual Content, etc. - also Available)


jacoobi456 24 Feb 2018

After reading the great book, I was super excited for this film adaptation. Sadly, it was nowhere near the quality of the book. The major thing about this film is that literally nothing happened. I can't give this review a spoiler warning because there is nothing to spoil. The whole film is them frolicking about and kissing, and the last three minutes is where the only emotional/plot development happens. This is just a bad, boring movie, but most of all it's disappointing as the book was so good.

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