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Den of Thieves (2018) Watch Free

While planning a bank heist, a thief gets trapped between two sets of criminals.


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EludiumQ36 18 Apr 2018

The overall premise is cool, I like ambition in my bank robbers. However, when King Leonidas, er Lt Flanagan, catches whiff that's when plausibility goes out the window. Things get stupid then, and the director - Christian Gudegast, "London Has Fallen", another tepid Gerard Butler vehicle - tries to cover that up with a shootout that's the very definition of ridiculous. Seriously, how do you have a high-impact rifle shootout involving the public in LA and there aren't 200 police responding in minutes?! So Hollywood stupid. And the little twist thing they do at the end is so anti-climatic, it just adds to the disappointment of what this could've and should've been in more capable hands.


Brad Wheeler 18 Jan 2018

Gudegast, a first-time director who wrote the script to Den of Thieves (and who has probably watched Michael Mann's "Heat" more than once) attempts to comment on humanity's complexities. But all he does with his soulless, hollow characters is make a solid case that men are violent sleazes.


EpicLadySponge 18 Jan 2018

Den of Thieves is a thriller of thrillers and that's what it tries to be best at. If I had to see more than just a thriller of thrillers, then I would easily become disappointed since I came to see a movie which can literally become more than just a thriller of thrillers. Yes, I know there's more to this film; however, the only more I can see out of this is a heist thriller of heist thrillers. I recommend renting it once it comes out officially on home media but don't expect it to be more than just a thriller of thrillers.


Danny King 20 Jan 2018

Between the candy of the Federal Reserve robbery itself — which features a marvelous running bit about the process of delivering Chinese food in a government-surveilled building — and the merry nonsense of Butler chugging Pepto-Bismol during a strategy session, Den of Thieves earns a nice spot in the watch-forty-minutes-on-a-rainy-day canon.


Will Ashton 19 Jan 2018

Gudegast does provide a good amount of grimy atmosphere to his L.A. setting, and the action sequences keep you involved even as the running time starts to get gruelling. But, at 140 minutes, Den of Thieves gets too caught up in its own indulgences, and that’s a crime it can’t escape.


mrdr4gon 09 Feb 2018

An intense third act heist makes up for a confused first hour or so. There's a lot of clunky writing to set everything up, but it manages to just about hold your attention for just about long enough for all the pieces to come together. O'Shea Jackson Jnr. and Pablo Schreiber in particular put in decent performances, but the film around them is a little too cluttered and messy.


Michael Phillips 18 Jan 2018

It’s a sidewinding but often effective L.A. crime thriller saddled with the wrong leading man.


Owen Gleiberman 18 Jan 2018

Den of Thieves is better at set-up than follow-through. The movie is clever enough, until it cheats. It tries to fill in its characters, until reducing them to plot devices.


Gary Thompson 18 Jan 2018

Gudegast is using the Heat homage the way a magician uses a flourish — to distract you from the other story he’s telling. I confess to getting a kick out of watching it play out.


Mick LaSalle 19 Jan 2018

Clocking in at two hours and 20 minutes, it seems intended to have been a crime epic in the vein of Michael Mann’s “Heat,” about two men of talent and spirit who happen to be on opposite sides of the law. And it’s sort of like that, if you can imagine a Michael Mann picture that has been set on fire and dropped from an airplane.

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