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A gritty crime saga which follows the lives of an elite unit of the LA County Sheriff's Dept. and the state's most successful bank robbery crew as the outlaws plan a seemingly impossible heist on the Federal Reserve Bank.

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Kimberly T 10 Feb 2018

Wit and Grit. Blood and studs. Money and greed... high octane speed. I loved it!


Jay S 19 May 2018

I for one do not see how the critics give this less than 4 stars. I thought it was a well put together film that was not full of outrageous non realistic actions scenes. I thought there was good actions scenes and a good story that put together all the characters in place. Butler, Jackson Jr. and the rest of the cast did a great job with their characters. The film only received a 4 star from me simply because the writer put a side story in the film that wasn't needed.


Jean-Pol C 05 May 2018

With his Criminal Squad, "Christian Gudegast" has made a good action movie with a scenario still successful, even if it is not flamboyant, we let ourselves be carried by the action to one hundred per hour in the streets of Los Angeles. The realization is neat and we discover a Gerard Butler with a tailor-made role. Although some parts of the film are really exaggerated (especially the end) it's still an excellent movie to see as a whole.


Justin G 10 Apr 2018

Great movie, had my heart pumping the entire film. Best heist movie I have seen in along time, definitely recommend.


Candy S 16 Feb 2018

This movie was amazing. I don't usually enjoy movies like these, but this one kept me on my seat. Gerard Butler was amazing!!!! I highly recommend this movie.


bfoore90 26 May 2018

Very good heist movie, Gerard Butler is the best that Ive seen him in a while. It's a slow burn film that eventually picks up and rebounds in the middle and last half of the movie. The action was very good and intense, its not groundbreaking but its very good.


Mark L 11 Jul 2018

Not Bad Not bad at all. Gerard Butler delivers his character.


Deleon J 21 Jan 2018

Den of Thieves was Excellent. Definitely must watch a 2nd time.


Dmorles 22 Jan 2018

I've read and listened to quite a few reviews of this movie so far and have to say that I'm a bit surprised of how low the rating is. Most reviews take issue with the notion that Den of Thieves is just a carbon copy of Michael Mann's masterpiece Heat. I've probably watched Heat more times than I care to mention and did see a lot of similarities but there were also quite few differences. The technology used by robbers in Thieves is noticeably different and the interactions between cops and robbers is noticeably different too. Cops are more corrupt and robbers don't get quite as much backstory as you'd like (despite the 2.5 hr run time). Acting is nowhere near the level it was at in Heat but is substituted by arguably some of the best gun battles I've ever seen (I'd say even better than Heat). The scenes at the gun range are entertaining and the final robbery and pursuit by the police is just pure awesomeness. If you're a big fan of Heat and like cops and robbers type movies - this movie will be pure delight. I give it a 8.5/10 - this is coming from a big HEAT movie fan.


Los L 19 Jan 2018

I liked it. I liked the acting and the plot. Enough action and twists to satisfy anybody. If I hade to compare to another movie... it's an modern version of Lethal Weapon and Ronin combined but even less politically correct. Recommend it.

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