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Deadpool tells the origin story of former Special Forces operative turned mercenary Wade Wilson, who after being subjected to a rogue experiment that leaves him with accelerated healing powers, adopts the alter ego Deadpool. Armed with his new abilities and a dark, twisted sense of humor, Deadpool hunts down the man who nearly destroyed his life.

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Michael B 29 Oct 2016

It was hilarious. Well worth seeing. I can't wait for the sequel.


Tor M 18 Sep 2016

Nonstop laughs. Definitely not a movie to let your kids see. For bonus fun, play "Spot the Easter Eggs"


Catherine H 27 Oct 2016

After seeing this movie, you can put all those horrid memories of Barakapool to rest. After years of complete dedication, Ryan Reynolds makes his dream come true of bringing a comic book accurate portrayal of Deadpool to the big screen. And in the process, he makes our dreams come true as well.


Jonathan M 13 Sep 2016

Wow that was good ! At first I didn't want to see it , I'm not a bug fan of 18 + violence , gore movies just ain't for me . Honnestly this movie had some scenes where it was kind of gross but because of the humor you don't really pay attention , meaning that the moments that are supposed to be more intense to make place to suffering and hard scenes are played joyfully and are less hard to watch than what you could expect . It's definitely an adult movie , not for kids ! Really good . Glad I finally saw it !


Lucas W 13 Aug 2016

You've all seen it. The best x-men universe movie to come out in a LONG LONG time. Self-aware and funny and it works, because Deadpool. Conventional plot, but written well and edited in such a way to make it fresh.


Dan W 25 Jul 2016

Love this movie so much. Can not wait to see the sequel. Fox has a hit or miss with the marvel properties they have (X-Men and related characters). The main problem with the movies so far have been ignoring the comic book continuity. Changing any one and anything to fit a script. Deadpool him self was flawless. They changed nega sonic teenage warhead for the film, but since no one even knew who she was and the change made the character better, I'll let it slid. If you hadn't seen it, do it now!!


Freddie K 07 Aug 2016

"Maximum effort!" Simply, Deadpool cannot stop. This movie is everything, a comedy, a romance, a showcase of grim dramatic tension and a smack down all combined. As a superhero origin story, Deadpool could have the tendency to slip and trip up and stumble tones once in a while, but thinking about it deeply, Deadpool does not stumble as it is running too fast. You're taken by the balls straight into the madness whilst giving a purge of hilarious detail for the love conflict, the superhero aspect, the villainous revenge plot and it's passion. You could imply that Deadpool is a love letter to love itself, but because it's gratuitous nature and grizzly yet comedic release, dead-pool is a love letter to pornography, sex and human lust. It's a charming, cartoonist chocolate coated tumour, mentally growing on you over time, and it's ludicrously entertaining. Messy has never been so organised. A+ 95/100


America V 27 Nov 2016

Deadpool is a refreshing, hilarious, and raunchy look on the superhero genre, making it both amazing and worth owning on Blu Ray.


Ismael T 22 Aug 2016

Hilariously the best movie ever although not for kids


Tyler R 08 Aug 2016

Absolutely amazing. A perfect big screen comic book adaptation! Ryan Reynolds was amazing as the fourth wall breaking wise cracking merc with a mouth! Hilarious and quotable from strat to finish! The opening credits had me laughing. I'm so glad fox decided to make this! Can't wait for the sequel!

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