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Four lifelong friends have their lives forever changed after reading Fifty Shades of Grey in their monthly book club.

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Kerry G 26 May 2018

My wife and I enjoyed this movie. It's not the best movie we have seen lately, but it had a good number of laughs and we were satisfied with the movie.


Emma B 16 May 2018

Hilarious!! Everyone laughed so hard. This movie makes me look forward to getting older.


Sarah Knight Adamson 13 Jun 2018

Could be titled: Sisterhood of the Traveling Wine Bottle. Book Club is smart, funny, deeply rooted, giving the world a mirror to how 'old age' should appear.


Frédéric H 17 May 2018

Book club is a feel good movie with a great cast, a good story and a lot of humor. Recommended.


Sara M 17 May 2018

Book Club is a sweet, beautiful movie about all kinds of love including frienddship. I laughed and loved seeing these great older women on screen together. It made me feel good & hopeful about getting older and especially having great friends to share this part of my life with! But please can I have more Andy Garcia!? Go see Book Club with a good old friend.


jody h 26 May 2018

Ok, so it's predictable. The fun is in the journey. These amazing veteran actors give us a fun little piece of confection that is a great couple of hours spent. It may not be everyone's cup of tea but if you're over 50 go see it. You'll laugh.


Deborah F 18 May 2018

We went, we laughed,we related and we enjoyed ourselves! Yes we are the target audience .So take a friend and go!


Jill T 16 May 2018

This movie was hysterical!!!! Had me laughing out loud from beginning to end!!! Best feel good movie of the year!!!


jeff m 18 May 2018

A well written funny movie filled with laughs


Caroline Siede 17 May 2018

A smarter film would’ve more deeply explored the interpersonal dynamics between these four very different lifelong friends, but Book Club presents its central quartet as a blandly supportive girl group and mines drama from their far less interesting individual romantic storylines instead.

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