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When three parents discover their daughters’ pact to lose their virginity at prom, they launch a covert one-night operation to stop the teens from sealing the deal.


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LatinCritic13 05 Apr 2018

People say that Clock Blockers is a poor ripoff of American Pie when they saw the trailers, but they were wrong, Clock Blockers is clearly one of the most clever R-rated sex comedy films ever created. And trust me, this movie will lubricate you real good after seeing the philosophical outcome of it. [And yes, John Cena was good in that film...


Matt Donato 14 Mar 2018

Blockers sells itself as a parents-first warpath comedy, but the true treat here is watching a trio of young women navigate sex-comedy narratives that boys have dominated for far too long.


Laura Prudom 12 Mar 2018

While Blockers treads some familiar territory in its sex pact escapades, and occasionally buckles under the weight of its escalating insanity, its fresh perspective and stellar casting ensure a coming-of-age comedy that adds something vital to the genre.


Dom Sinacola 04 Apr 2018

If the film’s direction is workmanlike and the writers’ plotting flimsy, then the better to focus on the cast. They’re a joy to watch together.


Joanna Robinson 12 Mar 2018

The film treats all three of these young women with enormous respect while never once losing its sense of humor.


AriaSalessi 10 Apr 2018

Blockers is a rare comedy film that actually lives up to what it's intended to do(making audiences laugh). At times the film is hysterical, at other times it's touching, and at the best of times it's both, which is a scarce trait seen in a comedy film these days.


Inkoo Kang 05 Apr 2018

Blockers is about as funny and heartfelt as studio comedies get (which isn’t meant as a backhanded compliment), while smart and insightful enough to double as a guide to raising teenage girls.


Davrosdaleks1 05 Apr 2018

I wouldn't have thought of Leslie Mann, John Cena, and Ike Barinholtz as a headlining comedy trio, but they really shine here. Heck, the whole cast, even the minor characters shine. The whole thing's filled with some pretty clever lines and sight gags. The commercials play up the raunchiness, but the film is pretty heartfelt too, like the "The 40-Year Old Virgin." But don't worry, you'll get your share of raunchiness. The commercials don't even hint at the best part.


Mick LaSalle 04 Apr 2018

If you want to know what a culture thinks it thinks, watch drama. But if you want to know how it really thinks, watch comedy. Watch, for example, Blockers, which is exuberant in its crudeness and coarseness. It’s where comedy is now, and it’s very funny.


Brian Tallerico 11 Mar 2018

There are some decent ideas for a comedy in Blockers, and some very funny scenes from a cast with rock-solid comic timing, but the movie was either rewritten one too many times or one too few.

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