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Bad Samaritan (2018) Watch Free

A pair of burglars stumble upon a woman being held captive in a home they intended to rob.

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Jim R 04 May 2018

The movie was terrific. Non-stop thrilling action. The villain, David Tennant, was as frightening of a killer as any in recent memory.


Marilyn Z 09 May 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie...kept be fully absorbed...very entertaining IF you love thrillers.


Linda Cook 19 May 2018

It's no 'Silence of the Lambs,' but it's still solid and well-acted.


Eric D. Snider 06 May 2018

An average thriller that passes the time but will probably soon be forgotten by everyone, including the people who made it.


Mike McGranaghan 03 May 2018

I enjoyed the heck out of this cheerily implausible little underdog of a thriller.


Mike D 03 May 2018

Its a very entertaining movie. It has you jumping out of your seats, like a the old Hitchcock movies


Teresa N 14 Jun 2018

The casting was great. David Tennant was chilling and thrilling. The story could have used a bit of tightening up in some spots. Perhaps a few scenes that would have filled in some gaps were left on the cutting floor. But overall, the experience more than made up for what the story lacked.


Mike D'Angelo 01 May 2018

This comparatively low-budget effort represents a marked improvement from Devlin’s debut theatrical feature, Geostorm, which was among last year’s very worst films. He’s graduated from painful tedium to an acceptable means of killing two hours. One step at a time.


Frank Swietek 04 May 2018

While ludicrous in the extreme and overextended, boasts an over-the-top performance by David Tennant that almost makes it worth seeing.


Jenni S 03 May 2018

I was able to see this in a screening here in Portland where the movie was filmed. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Tennant's Cale was so creepy. I haven't seen him do creepy this well since Brandon Block in "Secret Smile". While his Killgrave may leave something that you can still like and connect with, Cale is absolutely terrifying and not someone I'd want to tangle with in real life. The work that Tennant did to connect with the character and find his motivation really shows. And Sheehan's connection to his emotions is fabulous. You really connect with him. Saw it again tonight and was able to catch little things here and there that I had missed previously. Really good movie - you can feel the Hitchcock inspiration in the movie, especially in the ending.

Post a review or comment on this movie…

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