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Seeking revenge for the murder of their religious leader, fundamental loyalists kidnap and torture the man they believe responsible, but the ensuing clash of right vs.

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JFloyd3 W 26 Nov 2011

If it weren't so graphically grim, brutal & full of bitterness it might be unintentionally funny...not even a guilty pleasure, or one one should feel really guilty about...it may even attempt a lesson yet ultimately it is too sick to watch closely; bad enough to keep it on in the background, occasionally keeping up with what's going on...horrible dialogue, & MacDowell's delivery is particularly bad &, for a southerner, her southern accent is even terrible...let's not forget the over-the-top Whaley; I know, he's supposed to be a psychopath (hmmm, maybe he is unintentionally funny)...yep, the actors seem to have hit bottom alright; guess ya gotta make a living...again, it's tough, particularly for aging actresses, no matter how attractive (despite her disfiguring make-up)...


Steve N 09 Nov 2010

Had some promise but missed the boat. I like Whaley, especially when he is a crazy person, but his talents under-used in this one.


John DeFore 16 Apr 2012

A rote captivity drama with aspirations of sociopolitical relevance, As Good as Dead has nothing to say about torture or racism and little excitement to offer as compensation.


Monica B 08 Oct 2010

nothing too special. pretty simple plot although in the end there is a twist.


Greg W 15 Jan 2013

A gruesomely alluring tale of long-simmering revenge...


Bujing - 01 Jan 2011

As Good as Dead makes participating actor to fully expose their skills of role playing and persuade viewers in their actions. This movie is very tricky and keeps you guessing what is happing actually till the absolute end. Cary Elwes and Andie Macdowell do their best and it seems that they are fully capable to act properly in this highly surreal mysterious movie. The plot of this stunning thriller is impossible to tell in just a few words and there is no reason to exposing the storyline. It starts with a weird sermon in some kind of church that looks like religious sect. One of it?s member kills several innocent guys and action shifts seven years later when the leader of this group is mysteriously killed and his followers seek for revenge. If you like to download movies online, you should miss As Good As Dead that gives you opportunity to dwell into very intriguing story and enjoy great actor play. One of the best movies in thriller category awaits you.


Neil Genzlinger 18 Sep 2011

A gruesomely alluring tale of long-simmering revenge...


Avi Offer 08 Oct 2010

Often implausible and convoluted with stilted dialogue and an irritatingly over-the-top performance by Frank Whaley.


Eric P 19 Jun 2011

Nothing like a Woman Scorned, or Scorched in this case, but just when you think you've got it all figured out, it twists again.This was quite a Nail Biter


Salwa E 20 Nov 2010

Definately had potential, but I thought the directing of this movie let it down. Acting was okay, plot and storyline had potential. Ending was poor, could have milked it for effect, but it was like they ran out of budget and had to cut is short. =( But it wasn't bad, just a little disappointing.

Post a review or comment on this movie…

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