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Several years after the tragic death of their little girl, a dollmaker and his wife welcome a nun and several girls from a shuttered orphanage into their home, soon becoming the target of the dollmaker's possessed creation, Annabelle.

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Jule D 19 Aug 2017

I never did see the first Anabelle, but I definitely will now that I've seen this one. I know that it's not quite up to par to this one or the Conjuring films, but I'm a big fan of James Wan. This was awesome to watch with a lot of people in the theater, because you hear the funniest things from fellow moviegoers. it definitely adds up to the whole experience when everybody is there with you for the ride. The mood is just straight up creepy the whole entire time. Granted, a lot of the premise's destination is already told in the Conjuring films, but it goes more for the "what you don't see is worse than what you do see factor unlike some other horror flicks. I would recommend everyone watch this, specially while it's still new so you can experience it along with the people in the theater. Not only will you be frightened, but also amused at all the other moviegoers' comments like: "Aww hell nah!" or "This little girl can't take a break!"


Jess C 21 Sep 2017

Two words: Nightmare Fuel This may be my new favorite horror movie director, same guy that did Light's Out(another amazing scare movie). This movie has tropes, and some unexplained, but it doesn't even matter, the last 30-40mins will have you at the height of "oh hell no gtfo of there" mode. This is the scariest movie I have watched in recent memory.


Lân T 16 Aug 2017

Perfect scary movie! Everything I love wrapped in one film.


Kenneth S 26 Aug 2017

Very creepy and scary. I felt like I was about to leave the theater just because it was getting a bit too much for me. I jumped a few times, but I stayed instead. Possibly the only good horror film I've seen in Theaters in my life, and this is my second horror film I've seen in Theaters!


Candice E 17 Mar 2018

Annabelle is a scary, clever unexpected story full of twists. It will keep you on the edge of your seat. Whatever you do, don't turn from the screen, there are a lot of scary scenes.


Ryan S 23 Apr 2018

Not the prequel we wanted but the one we all needed.


M Edd G 09 Aug 2017

Really great movie !!! I will see it again


Crystal R 25 Aug 2017

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Julia Z 24 Sep 2017

One of the best horror movies in this decade. WAY better than the first one! Great addition to the conjuring universe. Good cast, good acting, good soundtrack, good scares. It was really really good. and also it was already a challenge for the movie because, the first one was bad and everyone else thought this is going to be bad too. To bad it did not get the certified fresh mark! Be careful! Annabelle is watching....


Cameron M 10 Aug 2017

Ya so I consider myself not to be a pussy when it comes to enduring scary movies but Fuck! Annabelle Creation was fucking scary. Quick note: WATCH ORIGINAL ANNABELLE before coming to the theatres. But anyways the scenes are gruesome and should leave you disallowing future kids from having dolls. This movie has inspired me to bring a Bible to my college dorm just so I can sleep with some comfort at night. Currently reading this your like,"Man you are pussy." But I would respond,"I probably am but this Annabelle and demon shit is real." You can question my manhood but you can't question the genius of David Sandberg and the potential of the Annabelle franchise. Cam's advice: Pussies should bring extra underwear

Post a review or comment on this movie…

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