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After the disappearance of her scientist father, three peculiar beings send Meg, her brother, and her friend to space in order to find him.

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Noah J 01 Apr 2018

A Wrinkle in Time, summed up in one word is Amazing. Amazing All-Star cast, amazing music, amazing CGI, amazing plot, and amazing sound/visual effects. I want to see more of the Time Quintet, the book series by Madeleine L 'Engle, become amazing films like this one.


Jonathan F 11 Mar 2018

its the best movie that could ever by made of this particular book - one that blew my mind at age 14. in our forties now, the friends that I went with had mostly read the book and we loved it and were choked up by several scenes. friends that hadn't read the book weren't feeling it, though, so it may not work without the context.


German B 14 Mar 2018

A beautiful movie! I wish it had been around when i was a kid, it would have changed my life. I felt like it was made just for me.


Samantha G 30 Jun 2018

I watched this flick tonight with my bonus daughter and we both loved it! It will definitely be a favourite around here for a while!


Kezzie H 14 Mar 2018

My takeaways from Ava DuVernay's, A Wrinkle In Time: 1. You are enough. Perfectly created in every way. 2. Be fearless. Don't let the negativity of the world dim your light. 3. Be a light to the world in the midst of darkness. We can all make a difference. -Thank you for the reminder, Ava!


Tracy C 28 Mar 2018

I am struggling to understand the horrible reviews. I certainly get someone just not liking the movie, but hating it? I actually loved it. I had to step away from the book and take the movie on its own merits. I thought the cinematography was gorgeous and the message beautiful. I'm not sure why we can't just embrace a message of hope and love. We kinda need that these days. The message I took was that the "It" - darkness- whispers words of fear and hurt and anger in our ears, and feeds on them. And that we each must overcome our own process of mind to help build light in the larger world. Even as Meg stood facing her brother in the "darkest of all minds"...you could see the neurons firing, telling her all the worst she had ever thought of herself. She had to listen to the voices of light to overcome those thoughts, and by doing so she could help Charles Wallace win as well. Beautiful, I think. Watching love and courage of self win is not such a bad way to spend a couple hours.


Justin B 18 Mar 2018

Good movie. Close to the book - not a disappointment..


Jeremiah S 16 Mar 2018

I have some reviews and my point of view is what reviews are considering to be "faults" I believe are the strength of the movie. I believe this to be one of those novels that is extremely hard to adapt into a movie, but I think they took the essence of the book a produced a wonderful movie. So Wrinkle in Time I gift you your faults.


Jan O 13 Mar 2018

This has always been one of my favorite books and I loved the movie as well, despite a little heavy-handedness on the messages. It's great to see a movie with strong women, a starring role for a young girl, science-based principles (einstein's theory of relativity), as well as both adventure and emotion. I'd go again in a heartbeat!


Robert H 20 Mar 2018

Powerful, beautiful journey of a young heroine. A refreshing alternative to the violent battle fare offered to kids. My 12 year old son and friends loved it.

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