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A family is forced to live in silence while hiding from creatures that hunt by sound.

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Emoni H 18 Jun 2018

I think this is the best movie of 2018 so far I went to see it twice I'm excited there making another one.


Matt F 09 Jul 2018

For the first time in awhile, I'm genuinely pulled in by a horrifying story and its on key actors! An original must see.


James D 24 Apr 2018

Absolutely Amazing Film. The fact that 90% of the film is in silence just adds to the intensity you feel when watching this. I wouldn't say the film is a horror movie but more a thriller. This is one of the best movies of recent times I have watched. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would 100% recommend it to everyone


Xavier D 26 Apr 2018

I saw "A Quiet Place" last weekend with my 21 y.o. Son, and Man!! Go. Now! (Unless you've got a bad heart or jumpy nerves...) John Krasinski (he of "Jim from The Office" fame) has done one of the best subtle directing and sound editing jobs of recent years (I know there is a Sound Engineer - I'm talking here of Krasinski's vision for the film.) His use of sound in this movie - to show fear, love, dread, etc... - awesome. Krasinski & his real wife, Emily Blunt, along with the extremely gifted young actors are great. The standout is Millicent Simmonds. This young deaf actress has an unbelievable future ahead of her. If Hollywood can keep up with her. My Ebert moment is over. Now "Go!" But Be Quiet...


Lee C 25 Apr 2018

A creative take on a monster movie. You really cared about the characters so when they were in danger you were on the edge of your seat wondering how they would get out of it.


Jake M 18 Jul 2018

Riveted the whole way through! The sign of a near perfect movie.


Lou O 17 Jul 2018

Blind alien monsters with super sensitive hearing roam the earth killing any living thing they come across. Keeping silent is the best strategy for human's to survive. The Abbot's have an advantage over others in that one of their children is mute so the Abbot family is adept at communicating with American Sign Language-also known as Handspeak. Evelyn and Lee Abbot fight a daily battle to keep their family alive in a terrifyingly hostel environment. So there is not much talking in this film. That is not a problem because cinema is a visual medium. Stories are told with images. This is not something new. For the first thirty years of cinema, actors voices were not heard from the silver screen. The writers of Á Quiet Place' put in all the visual cues you need to understand what is going on without having someone spell it out to you. You will not be disappointed by the cast. Every performance hits the mark. The movie is centered around the universal theme of the family so it is sure to touch a wide audience. This production is well worth ninety minutes of your time.


Matt M 25 Apr 2018

A creative take on a monster movie. You really cared about the characters so when they were in danger you were on the edge of your seat wondering how they would get out of it.


André S 17 Apr 2018

I went with two friends, one was laughing, the other was scared and I cried a lor during the whole movie, but we all agreed we loved the movie :D


Jack C 07 Jul 2018

This movie gave me a "signs," sort of feel. You can draw a ton of comparisons as both follow a family dealing with their own problems through a traumatic encounter with aliens. I was holding my breathe throughout the movie after one anxious moment after the next. Great flick you won't regret watching!!

Post a review or comment on this movie…

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