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A team of CIA agents and special forces head into Afghanistan in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks in an attempt to dismantle the Taliban.

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Mike B 26 May 2018

If you like military action movies then you'll love this.


Amanda A 06 Feb 2018

Amazing story, great cast. So glad I saw this one at the movies!


C P 12 Jan 2018

Great movie. Coming from a SOF background I'm aware of some of the facts. Can't vouch for all of the personal interactions, the basic story line is accurate, down to, and including the real participants. The main attack, charging on horseback, has become a Special Forces legend. All involved deserve the utmost credit for the bravery. Audiences that like action films will not be disappointed.


Jerry M 19 Jan 2018

I am giving 12 strong 5 Stars because Vern Michaels is My brother. A good movie with out the SJWs and feminist man bashing.


Adam Graham 19 Jan 2018

"12 Strong" does its best to tell a story of heroism from a dark chapter in our history, but its reality is much more complicated.


Carl Kozlowski 24 Jan 2018

... a movie that finds a near-perfect balance between the horrors of war and the humanity of the forces who fight it.


Amy C 21 Jan 2018

Fantastic movie. Much less gory than I expected. And little to no foul language (that I noticed). Kept me hooked from beginning till the end. And I loved watching the actual news coverage of September 11, 2001. I may have been young (9) but I still remember every vivid detail. The only thing I would change about this movie is how it portrayed the actual attacks. I wish they had showed the absolutely harrowing chill that everyone felt, young and old, the day the towers fell. Other than that MINOR detail, this movie is phenomenal.


Doc L 03 Feb 2018

Excellent true story with an authentic feel. A great reminder of how to get a war story done right.


patti g 01 May 2018

fabulous -- i was in the edge of my seat -- Our military does not receive the respect deserve


David S 26 Jan 2018

I thought that it was a great military movie. Lots of action and even some humor, without any sermonizing and patronizing.

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