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A team of CIA agents and special forces head into Afghanistan in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks in an attempt to dismantle the Taliban.


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Will Ashton 18 Jan 2018

The real-life heroes who bravely risked their lives deserve something better than the forgettable mediocrity that is 12 Strong, and truth be told, audiences deserve more too.


Simon Thompson 17 Jan 2018

When it works, it's engaging and there’s just enough to keep you entertained but you can’t help feel the heroes deserve something meatier.


binkybrutus8 02 Feb 2018

Great movie. Saw it 3x. Action packed from beginning to end. This movie should be at least 85 % positive here. Ratings here absolutely not realistic. It was well done. You see how difficult it is to pull things together there. Highly recommend!! If you like hero and action with great music score and so on...then see it. It is a dangerous mission and believable and anyone who states it is over the top in how they treat women then they do not know much. The scene in this movie was more merciful then what they normally would do. There was even more harsh scenes which was not included I am sure. We need more real men like this not those who sit behind a computer to criticize and state there is too much of this macho stuff. There are not enough men like this and we need more not less. This was our first blow back for the killings of Americans on 9/11 and it was good.


JPG127 20 Jan 2018

This was a great war movie. This is not Oscar bait or a politicized hit piece. 12 Strong stays on focus and tells the story as was, not the ones the critics wanted it to be.


Roger Moore 26 Jan 2018

Most of us are a little too jaded or at least sober-minded to swallow this at face value. Carefully limiting the “history” you tell gives the impression of competence, quick victory and a short war.


JLuis_001 28 Jan 2018

Do we really need more movies about the US Military? Even with the good cast, this film isn't actually telling you something more engaging or thrilling. I mean the poor depth of this one kills it, you can actually go and watch it but you'll forget about it in a couple of hours.


Jared Mobarak 19 Jan 2018

Fuglsig’s job was to document, commemorate, and inspire. He does all three.


EpicLadySponge 18 Jan 2018

Pretty much the only movie where we finally get to see the aftermath of the infamous attacks done in September 2001. Actually based on a true story called Horse Soldiers, which is completely non-fictional by the way, and I hate to say that because, in my sense nowadays, I see it as a common cliché with hardly any twists put to it, 12 Strong remains strong but eventually fails to come up with plan B just in case plan A flops which most likely here it does somewhere around the middle of the film. For history purposes, I see it as a very great film. For other purposes, however, I see it as a disappointment to keep up with moviegoers alike.


Justin Chang 18 Jan 2018

What makes 12 Strong objectionable — and what will also make it appealing to some — is its attempt to induce a kind of amnesia in the audience, to ask that we forget about the subsequent moral and strategic failures of America’s “war on terror” or the limits of military retaliation when it comes to the pursuit of justice.


CarFan1999 06 Mar 2018

The execution is great here. We learn about these people, their personalities, and throughout the movie, see them evolve. The action scenes are done really well. There are many battle scenes and the camerawork puts you right into the action. It's exciting and makes you really respect these soldiers. They rode on horseback against tanks and other high-end weapons, not to mention that they were often outnumbered. My only issues with this movie is that the pacing is a little uneven in areas, dialogue was hard to hear at times due to somewhat subpar sound mixing, and in general this movie doesn't stand out much from other war movies. Mind you though, these are only minor issues. 12 Strong is a mostly good war movie with good acting, fantastic action, and a story that makes you really respect these men.

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